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Superintendent's Welcome,


     Welcome to Faith Walk Academy​!  Our school has been established on a rich foundation of traditional education practices.  Formerly Foundation for Life Christian School, FaithWalk Academy began with a vision given to Pastor David Charlick from Full Gospel Fellowship Church.  He and his wife opened the school but had to close it after several years due to unforeseen circumstances.  In 1997, the school was reopened through a partnership between Full Gospel Fellowship Church and Faith Walk Ministry.  After retiring in 2002, Pastor David Charlick appointed Bishop H. G. Long as school superintendent and transferred control of the school to Faith Walk Ministry.  I was voted interim superintendent by the FWA school board during the 2016-2017 school year.


     To assist in our transition to broaden our vision, we joined Street School Network in 2005 as a member school.  In 2010, the Faith Walk Ministry board approved the school's name to be changed to Faith Walk Academy.  In our continued effort to offer the best education to our students, we earned accreditation from AdvancED in 2017. AdvancED provides nationally-recognized accreditation, the purpose of which is continuous school improvement focused on increasing student performance.  We believe that achieving this accreditation will be a benefit to the students and families we serve.  Faith Walk Academy strives to fulfill the vision of its founders by expanding to meet the changing needs of the youth in our community.


Daisy Washington, MBA

School Superintendent

Our Mission


Our mission is to train up every child in the way that he should go. By maintaining Christ as the center, setting high standards, and providing a safe environment, our children gain self respect, integrity, honor, and reverence.

Our Vision

Faith Walk Academy is an outreach ministry of the New Jerusalem Fellowship, a subsidiary of Faith Walk Ministry, designed to develop the total child. Our students will reestablish their God given identity and creativeness to break the cycle of generational addictive failures. Ultimately, they fulfill their prospective roles in society and become an asset to any community.

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